Why Alpine Management Group?

  • We follow a consistent process.
  • We take time to understand the culture, background, platform and overall integrity of the client that we are recruiting for.
  • We understand the job description, qualifications, background and loyalty the client is looking for in a recruit.
  • We invest heavily in professional networking sites that bring us the highest-quality recruits.
  • We set up first interviews with senior management for additional vetting.
  • We coordinate with the internal recruiters to set up interviews or initial meetings.
  • We coach every recruit prior to all interviews and perform post-interviews.
  • We follow-up on information and paperwork needed to help the process move forward.
  • We assist in salary negotiation if needed.
  • We ask for referrals and follow-up after first quarter of employment.

Contingency Recruiting

  • Alpine has been a contingency recruiting firm for the past 4 years.
  • Contracts are competitive with industry standard.
  • Retail banking contracts offer fees between 20 and 22 percent of base salary.
  • Financial adviser contracts offer T12 revenue fees between 6-8 percent.
  • We negotiate fixed fees for volume and will entertain retainer fees for volume as well.